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Apple .. Another ipad pro size? The new ipad 10.5!

We are just minding our own business and there it is, a new ipad size!  Just when we thought our website was humming along, now it is time to add new sizing to our products.   What are your thoughts about the new ipad pro 10.5?   I have read everything from "it's overkill "  To "it's the Goldilocks"   It might be time for me to check it out in person.  In the meantime, back to the drawing board, working on new sizing.    But just for fun, here is some eye candy for you apple ipad lovers.  Oh and a picture of my dog and helper, because ... well, who can resist a cute dog pic.

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An Ikea Oatmeal Cookie Knockoff Recipe

  We shared this recipe on Keeta Collection, and it is worth another share.  Every single time I make these, my husband is in love with me all over again ;)   It started with a trip to IKEA .    As I was dreaming of redecorating the entire house, my hubby was drooling over  their oatmeal crisp cookies.   Since he was such a  good sport shopping all day, I decided to bake some for him.    I chose a random recipe from an online site.   It was a winner.  He was in heaven, with a tall ice cold glass of milk, they were delicious!  Here is the recipe, wish I had a name to credit, but couldn’t find one. Ingredients  1 cup...

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Spring Dreaming

The Florida weather is gorgeous!   Sunny and cool, not too humid, perfect for a day of procrastination and dreaming.    While we have so many cute new items to list, I sit here at the computer finding reasons to pop outside and bask in the day. I suppose it will have to do for me to post a few pictures here, along with my spring dreams {although, I know it is not technically spring, my eyes and brain tell me otherwise}      

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Cuuuttee!! Best Cell Phone Wristlet, Wallet, Clutch EVER!

This month we are inspired to pull out some of our half finished projects.   One of our favorite items to use personally, would be our phone cases.   We have a specific one phone case for walking the dog, another for running to the tennis courts, and another phone clutch for grocery shopping.    But the macbook cases tend to take over our lives.   We are determined to share some of our clutches with our wonderful customers.   Here are just a few of the phone wallets and across the body bags we have been finishing up.

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A New Recipe ~ Jicama Salad

When we are not creating adorable ipad and macbook cases here at Oh! Koey, we love to visit the beach.  One of our favorite dinner spots on Captiva Island is Doc Fords.  On our trip this time, we had the best apple and jicama salad.  We have never had anything like it. So of course, we had to race right out and try to find the ingredients.   Here is the recipe for our version: Granny Smith Apple and Jicama Salad by OhKoey  1 Jicama3 Granny Smith Apples2 Limes2 Tablespoons fresh Cilantro1/2 Cup Mayo1 Tablespoon Sugar Peel and slice Jicama and apples to preferred size (I sliced mine thin).Add juice of 1 lime over the Apple and Jicama in bowl. In separate...

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