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How to Protect your Ipad, Macbook, or Other Laptops and Tablets

We have many questions from our customers regarding protecting their ipads and macbooks.  They have already taken the step to add a case or cover to the tablet or laptop.   Well that leaves them wondering if they can fit one of our softly padded sleeves onto their items.  Yes they can!   

At Oh Koey, we make each sleeve by hand as it is ordered.  We are always happy to customize size, add pockets, monogramming, and whatever your heart desires {to a point}   So ask away.  Emails are always answered in a timely manner, and questions are welcome.  It is so much nicer to have your sleeve fit just right the first time around.    

If you currently have a case or cover on your item, you can always choose the size closest to your item, purchase it and leave a note at checkout with the exact measurements of your ipad, kindle, macbook, etc.  WITH the case or cover on it.  If you are hesitant as to which size to purchase, please ask and we can direct you to the correct size.

Now for a little eye candy for your gadgets....

ipad macbook case by oh koey

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