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Meet our Dogs.

From time to time to time to time, we will share a photo or six of our dogs.  Since they are family to us, we thought it was time you official meet them.  

Both dogs were rescue dogs from a local organization, Houndhaven.   They are terrific and save so many wonderful dogs.    These two dogs came to us as fairly normal dogs.  It seems day by day, they get a little bit stranger and a little bit more bizarre.

Riley is a beautiful full blooded yellow lab.  He is gigantic and majestic.  His favorite hobbies include sniffing out minute pieces of food, walking, digging in the back yard and  begging for cardboard.    We have many pieces of cardboard that our fabric comes on and Riley will stalk them.  He also backs up to the wall and sits very tall and proud waiting for that wonderful moment you see him. {even if he is hidden two rooms away}  That is his way of telling us he wants something.  Now it is just a guessing game as to what he wants.

Here is the handsome Riley.


Next we would like you to meet Ramsey.  He is a smaller lab mix.  By the size of his ears, he may have some bloodhound background.   His favorite hobbies are running, playing Frisbee, and collecting and hauling toys around.  He has a toy for any and every occasion.  If we go for a walk, he will select a certain toy to present before the walk.  Car ride, toy selection.  Go out back, toy selection.  He will even pre select a toy in anticipation of an event, set it up in another room and at that perfectly timed moment, he races back and gets the pre selected toy.   If all eyes were not on him to his satisfaction, he leaves the room and re presents the toy.  His favorite toy is a large purple velvet pillow.

Here is the adorable Ramsey.

Here are a few candid shots of the fellows playing? together.

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