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Getting Ready for College: Make Your Checklist

handmade custom macbook case
Monogrammed Elephant Macbook Sleeve

handmade custom macbook case

Personalized Macbook Case in Grey Chevron by

Summer is fast approaching.   For the Moms sending their babies off to college for the first time, I know it is arriving all too quickly.   There are list to be made,  wise words to pass along, and memories to be made.   

When my son went to college, he barely took sheets, he wanted no part of me "Martha Stewart ing " him or his dorm.  I did have a little secret smile when he came home the first time and said perhaps he could use a rug on the floor.    When my daughter left, she was open for everything.  It was such fun choosing bedding, towels, and a few new outfits.    Perhaps we went a little crazy.  

So start making that checklist now.  The drop off day will arrive so quickly.  

Most important thing seems to be the laptop.  Well, if you are taking a laptop, dress it up!  Personalize that laptop, with a custom laptop sleeve by Oh! Koey.

Here are a few of our cute sleeves from  Have one made for your daughter's laptop or macbook.  It will help to protect her laptop as well as be oh so cute!

handmade custom macbook case

Orange and Grey Chevron Laptop Case by


monogrammed custom macbook case

Pink Damask and Burlap Monogrammed Macbook Case by

personalized handmade custom macbook case

Nautical Monogrammed Anchor Laptop Case by


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