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What About Those Fabric Scraps? Getting Creative With Leftovers!

When I see my scrap basket, it looks like my fabrics are in behind bars, screaming to be let out.   Each day I have little pieces that are too small to use, but yet I can not throw them out.  Every fabric is special in it's own way, and it feels cruel to trash them.  Sort of sick, isn't it!  
Every so often, I pull them out, iron them and create a fun project.  Just look at these adorable fabrics, they were released from their prison long enough for a quick photo shoot.  I recognize Amy Butler Florals, Jennifer Paganelli prints and a crabby little piece {must have been in there too long-though he does look kind of happy to be freed}
This week, some of those fabrics were used for a new project for our shop, .  We pieced a few good ones together and made the most adorable macbook sleeves!  Ya'll have to take a look at these cases.  Complete with a beautiful zipper to match.
These are the beginning of our new section, patchwork party!  Pop over and take a peek. Oh! Koey Patchwork Party.

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