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Sanibel Island, Florida; A Little Slice of Heaven

It's a cult thing, Sanibel lovers.   Once you have experienced that little slice of heaven, you will become addicted.    We follow one of the Sanibel facebook pages, and one of the most often posted lines is "see you in 365 days!"    Counting the days until the next trip there is apparently a way of life.   I know it is for us.   We were addicted from day one.

Oh, what we love about the island:

  •  The beaches, beautiful, clean and natural
  •  Watching the sunrise as well as the sunset over the water {due to the angle of the island, we can enjoy both}
  •  Quaint locally owned shops and restaurants
  •  Bike paths over the entire island
  •  Nature everywhere you go
  •  The fact that there are so few lights on the island at night that we can see the stars and moon at their best
  •  Dog friendly beaches!  
  •  Shelling, there are plenty to be found 

Enjoy a few photos from our trips to Sanibel.  It is love!  I know we will be vacationing there again and again.



Little beach time for the dog.

Shells galore!

What's wrong with this picture, haha.  

Met this guy at the local grocery store.

One of the natural spots at Sanibel.

Sunset over Sanibel

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