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A New Recipe ~ Jicama Salad

jicama and granny smith apple salad

When we are not creating adorable ipad and macbook cases here at Oh! Koey, we love to visit the beach.  One of our favorite dinner spots on Captiva Island is Doc Fords.  On our trip this time, we had the best apple and jicama salad.  We have never had anything like it. So of course, we had to race right out and try to find the ingredients.   Here is the recipe for our version:

Granny Smith Apple and Jicama Salad by OhKoey

 1 Jicama
3 Granny Smith Apples
2 Limes
2 Tablespoons fresh Cilantro
1/2 Cup Mayo
1 Tablespoon Sugar

Peel and slice Jicama and apples to preferred size (I sliced mine thin).
Add juice of 1 lime over the Apple and Jicama in bowl. 
In separate bowl mix Mayo, Sugar and lime juice of remaining Lime.
Add into Jicama and Apple Mixture.
Stir and add cilantro.


  • vicki ray

    Susan, we love Doc Fords, looking forward to another trip back in just a few days. I totally forgot about the salad! Glad to see your comment and remind me to order it.

  • Susan

    I too enjoyed this salad at Doc Fords and am thrilled to find the recipe – delicious!

  • Pamela Love

    This looks amazing I will have to try it !!!

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