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Phone Sleeve For Any Brand Phone ~in Black and White Damask - Oh! Koey

Phone Sleeve For Any Brand Phone ~in Black and White Damask

$ 19.00

Yes, we  can...  fit any brand phone with this sleeve.  I know!  Finally your search is over, you can customize your needs here.  If you have any kind of case or cover on your phone {candy shell, otterbox, etc}, as long as we know the size {l x w x d} we can be sure to size the sleeve accordingly.  

This particular case has been made in our beautiful black and white damask. It is a large scale print, and we always strive to put the prettiest parts in the most visible spots. But it may vary from the photo shown.


  • Made to fit any phone - leave size or phone name at checkout.  Please be very specific, and let us know if you have any kind of case or cover, and the measurements if you do. You can never leave too much info for us.  The more, the merrier.
  • Fully lined, with several layers of interfacing to keep a great shape
  • Velcro strap closes on the front pocket
  • Pocket on the front for your other goodies
  • Cute cotton lining

Choose any fabric from our collection to have a phone case made from.  Just leave a link at checkout or any kind of detailed notes you like.  We are always happy to customize.

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These little cubbies can be made to match any item in our store.  Add one on to your order and leave a note to match it to your case, or leave a name of any fabric you want used for your travel cord cubbies.

Choose one, two or three section cubbies.

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